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We have crackers, meats, dip and cheesecake mixes, hot sauce, garlic, pickles, Vermont honey, fudge and mustards for every disposition. We hope you can find something that awakens your taste buds.

  • Hot Sauce

    Hot Sauce

    For the hot sauce lover, choose from our listed flavors: Black Bison Hot Sauce: Heat 8+.  Serious sauce for serious chili heads.  It combines red cherries, raspberries and blackberries with Ghost and Scorpion peppers along with tequila. ...

    $6.25 - $9.25
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  • Castleton Crackers

    Castleton Crackers

    These Castleton crackers are all natural and baked fresh in northern Vermont.  You can choose the Alehouse Cheddar crafted with Vermont Cheddar and a slight kick of horseradish mustard, a perfect cracker for all types of cheese plus cider, beer and...

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  • 7oz Pepperoni Stick

    7oz Pepperoni Stick

    Our choice of pepperoni is made in a local town in Vermont. We believe this pepperoni to be the best around to go with our products. We sample all of the meat selections in the farm store, so we get more than a few suggestions from the repeat customers...

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  • 8oz Fox Mustard - More than a Mustard

    8oz Fox Mustard - More than a Mustard

    Fox Mustard has no comparison as it stands out from the rest. This mustard is made with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar which makes it rich, tangy and tasty. This mustard is a favorite and a must have for glazing meat. Mix this mustard with a few...

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  • Sugarbush Farm Pickled Garlic

    Sugarbush Farm Pickled Garlic

    Tangy full flavored pickled garlic cloves. Pickled garlic is strong, but milder than a fresh clove of garlic. A pleasing aroma to any cheese table no matter the time of year.  Plus they are also a great way to reduce your cholesterol! 16oz jar.

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