Jams & Preserves

Our favorite jams and fruit spreads. Those of you that have visited the farm store know how many different Vermont products we sample and sell. We have selected the most popular for you here.

There is quite a range of flavors produced in this state. Traditional to extraordinary is the best way to describe the selections. With the wide selection of preserves and jams you are bound to find your favorite.

  • Sugarbush Farm Jams & Preserves

    Sugarbush Farm Jams & Preserves

    Sugarbush Farm offers a wide array of preserve flavors. Traditional flavors like Apple Butter, Balsamic Sweet Onion Jelly, Blueberry, Fig, Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, Orange Marmalade, Pumpkin Butter (tastes like pumpkin pie with no fat), Red Raspberry,...

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  • Sidehill Farm Jams

    Sidehill Farm Jams

    Sidehill Farm jams are truly created in an old fashioned style, the flavors are full and tantalizing. Made the old fashioned way with just fruit and sugar. Available in many traditional flavors as well as new blends and flavors from this innovative...

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  • Maple Apple Drizzle

    Maple Apple Drizzle

    This tastes like apple pie in a jar. The Sidehill Farm makes this tasty treat that combines the flavors of sweet maple syrup and crisp McIntosh apples.It's heavenly on ice cream, pancakes and waffles, stirred into hot cereal or yogurt, as a topping for...

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  • Cider Jelly

    Cider Jelly

    All natural, no sugar added, just Vermont apples made into cider and boiled down. Apples have pectin which will naturally thicken the juice the same way sugar is used to make other jams. A Vermont tradition for generations. No added pectin, flavorings,...

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  • Sidehill Farm Jamples Gift Pack

    Sidehill Farm Jamples Gift Pack

    A fun selection of 6 Vermont jams in a cute country style gift box.  A great gift for a small family who doesn't want lots of larger jars all open or take the jars out of the gift box and use for stocking stuffers.  The box contains Red...

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