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  • 1-1/2lb Pancake Mix

    Our 1½ lb pancake mix comes in 3 different flavors. You'll surely find one to please everyone at the table whether for breakfast or dinner.

    $4.45 - $7.95
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  • Halladays Harvest Barn Herb Dip Mixes

    A favorite at our farm store. Each package is a flavorful blend of herbs and seasonings to make the best dips. Just mix the herb packet with the desired ingredients. We have also tried them as seasonings on meat and fish, marinades and salad dressings...

    Was: $4.50
    Now: $3.95
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  • Hot Sauce

    For the hot sauce lover, choose from our listed flavors: Black Bison Hot Sauce: Heat 8+.  Serious sauce for serious chili heads.  It combines red cherries, raspberries and blackberries with Ghost and Scorpion peppers along with tequila. ...

    $5.20 - $8.20
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  • The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook

    The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook has 64 pages of recipes and helpful tips and information.  It includes background on how the grades vary from late winter to early spring with suggestions for using each grade and a page on substituting maple...

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  • 3oz Maple Cream

    It takes almost half a pound of Maple syrup to make this 3oz jar of smooth whipped maple cream. It's perfect for spreading on toast, muffins or hot biscuits. Sometimes called maple butter...but the actual ingredient is just pure maple syrup boiled a...

    Was: $6.50
    Now: $5.50
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  • Sugarbush Farm Pickled Garlic

    Tangy full flavored pickled garlic cloves. Pickled garlic is strong, but milder than a fresh clove of garlic. A pleasing aroma to any cheese table no matter the time of year.  Plus they are also a great way to reduce your cholesterol! 16oz jar.

    Was: $9.50
    Now: $6.95
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  • Maple Apple Drizzle

    This tastes like apple pie in a jar. The Sidehill Farm makes this tasty treat that combines the flavors of sweet maple syrup and crisp McIntosh apples.It's heavenly on ice cream, pancakes and waffles, stirred into hot cereal or yogurt, as a topping for...

    Was: $8.95
    Now: $8.25
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