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  • Maple Cream Cookies

    Maple Cream Cookies

    A heavenly sweet maple cream sandwich cookie.  Leaf shaped with a creamy filling made with real maple syrup, 18 cookies in a box with a beautiful maple sugaring scene.  While we feel our neighbors to the north in Canada can't compete with...

    Was: $7.50
    Now: $6.50
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  • 7oz Pepperoni Stick

    7oz Pepperoni Stick

    Our choice of pepperoni is made in a local town in Vermont. We believe this pepperoni to be the best around to go with our products. We sample all of the meat selections in the farm store, so we get more than a few suggestions from the repeat customers...

    Was: $10.50
    Now: $9.00
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  • 3oz Maple Cream

    3oz Maple Cream

    It takes almost half a pound of Maple syrup to make this 3oz jar of smooth whipped maple cream. It's perfect for spreading on toast, muffins or hot biscuits. Sometimes called maple butter...but the actual ingredient is just pure maple syrup boiled a...

    Was: $7.25
    Now: $5.50
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  • Maple Apple Drizzle

    Maple Apple Drizzle

    This tastes like apple pie in a jar. The Sidehill Farm makes this tasty treat that combines the flavors of sweet maple syrup and crisp McIntosh apples.It's heavenly on ice cream, pancakes and waffles, stirred into hot cereal or yogurt, as a topping for...

    Was: $9.50
    Now: $8.75
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  • Sidehill Farm Jamples Gift Pack

    Sidehill Farm Jamples Gift Pack

    A fun selection of 6 Vermont jams in a cute country style gift box.  A great gift for a small family who doesn't want lots of larger jars all open or take the jars out of the gift box and use for stocking stuffers.  The box contains Red...

    Was: $22.95
    Now: $19.95
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