Smoked Meat

We have found these smoked sausage meats in Vermont that compliment our cheese and other fine Vermont Products as well.  All meats are shelf and shipment stable and do not require refrigeration until the package is opened.

Summer Sausages, whether buffalo or pork, are great as an afternoon snack with a dab of our fine mustards and a slice of cheddar.

Pepperoni has always been a versatile sausage. It goes well with any cheese platter or in a pasta salad, on pizza and even a cheese sandwich.

  • 6oz Summer Sausage

    6oz Summer Sausage

    A Vermont summer sausage carefully chosen for our gift packs. It is made the natural way with pork and beef in a small town in Vermont. Summer sausage is such a great addition to any cheese platter, afternoon snack or picnic. You could make a meal out...

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  • 7oz Pepperoni Stick

    7oz Pepperoni Stick

    Our choice of pepperoni is made in a local town in Vermont. We believe this pepperoni to be the best around to go with our products. We sample all of the meat selections in the farm store, so we get more than a few suggestions from the repeat customers...

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  • 7oz Buffalo Summer Sausage

    7oz Buffalo Summer Sausage

    Yankee Farmers Market from Warner, New Hampshire makes this meaty Buffalo Summer Sausage. We just love the meatiness of this sausage. Buffalo is naturally low in fat as well, but that will be the furthest thought from your mind as you enjoy the flavor of...

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