Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is perfect for pancakes, waffles, French toast, baking, ice cream topping, sweetening winter squash, making bread, pies and cakes. Vermont produces the most maple syrup in the country and the Luce Family is very proud of the syrup made from the 7000 trees that are tapped at Sugarbush Farm.

The sap is boiled down the old fashioned way with a wood fire. Each sugar maple trees sap will produce about a quart of maple syrup each spring. No preservatives, coloring or sugar are added, maple syrup is all natural.  All maple syrup grades are suitable for fine table use.

Maple Syrup is graded by color and intensity of maple flavor.  After several years of discussions the VT Dept of Agriculture has come up with new grade names which took effect January 2015.

  • Syrup Four Pack

    We have had several suggestions that we make up a gift pack with each grade of maple syrup in it as a sampler pack.  This pack has 1/2 a pint of each grade of maple syrup: Golden Delicate, Amber Color, Dark Robust and the Very Dark and the 64 page...

    Was: $41.95
    Now: $36.95
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  • The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook

    The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook has 64 pages of recipes and helpful tips and information.  It includes background on how the grades vary from late winter to early spring with suggestions for using each grade and a page on substituting maple...

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  • Gallon of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

    The gallon of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is surely the best buy at the farm. Many of our customers purchase the gallon size then they divide it into their own smaller containers as Maple Syrup will last for years in your refrigerator. Maple syrup can also...

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  • Half Gallon of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

    The half gallon of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup can be used for that special breakfast, but also as a sweetener for desserts, sauces, glazes or marinades. It will create an unforgettable flavor in any dish you create. Maple syrup keeps 2 or 3 years...

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  • Quart of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

    The quart of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is the most popular size. This container will easily fit on your fridge shelf or in the door without having to adjust the racks. A good buy for those who use maple syrup just for breakfast. Please select the grade...

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  • Pint of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

    This 16oz jug is the perfect size for a large family breakfast. Heat the syrup in the microwave for 15 seconds to keep the pancakes hot. The attractive plastic jug will keep syrup fresh in the fridge for up to 2 years. Please select the grade you would...

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  • Half Pint of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

    The half pint of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is the perfect size to introduce family to Maple Syrup or for a smaller household. The same size we use in our smaller gift packs. Keep a few jugs on hand to make gift baskets or hostess presents. Please select...

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