We have a little experience on how crackers and cheese should go together. The selections below are our mainstays. The Westminster Cracker Company is a long standing company with a great reputation for simple crackers which are great for pairing with the rich flavors of cheese, Vermont Mustard's and Vermont Smoked Meats.

  • Westminster Square Crackers

    Westminster Square Crackers

    Square hearty crackers are flaky and delicious.  Made with 7 simple ingredients including soft winter wheat baked slowly for a thicker and crunchier cracker.  Non-GMO, Kosher, made just 30 miles from Woodstock and just plain good! 6oz box

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  • Castleton Crackers

    Castleton Crackers

    All natural crackers no GMO originating in Castleton Vermont, based on an 1800's cracker recipe.  Cheddar ale is made with Vermont cheddar and has a pleasant cheddar flavor but not too much to overpower the cheese you are eating.  Salted maple...

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  • Old Fashioned Soup & Oyster Crackers

    Old Fashioned Soup & Oyster Crackers

    Soup and Oyster crackers have been made for over 200 years in New England.  The same cracker you love to get in the little packets with your soup in a favorite.  Made with 7 simple ingredients, non GMO and Kosher.  6oz box

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