We have a little experience on how crackers and cheese should go together. The selections below are our mainstays. The Westminster Cracker Company is a long standing company with a great reputation for simple crackers which are great for pairing with the rich flavors of cheese, Vermont Mustard's and Vermont Smoked Meats.

  • Westminster Square Crackers

    Westminster Square Crackers

    Square hearty crackers are flaky and delicious.  Made with 7 simple ingredients including soft winter wheat baked slowly for a thicker and crunchier cracker.  Non-GMO, Kosher, made just 30 miles from Woodstock and just plain good! 6oz box

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  • Castleton Crackers

    Castleton Crackers

    All natural crackers no GMO originating in Castleton Vermont, based on an 1800's cracker recipe.  Cheddar ale is made with Vermont cheddar and has a pleasant cheddar flavor but not too much to overpower the cheese you are eating.  Salted maple...

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