• Sweet Bourbon Glaze

    Sweet Bourbon Glaze

    A wonderfully delicious marinade for chicken or pork.  With a hint of bourbon, brown sugar, butter and other complimentary spices, it's certain to be a crowd pleaser. 12oz bottle.

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  • Good & Evil Pickles

    Good & Evil Pickles

    The "good" are cucumber pickles with a pleasant kick and the "evil" are hot jalapeno peppers along with pickling spices.  These slices go perfect on a burger or a hot dog or chopped up in pasta or egg salad.  A perfect gift for those who enjoy...

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  • Sugarbush Farm Salad Dressing

    Sugarbush Farm Salad Dressing

    Summertime flavors year round. We have many requests to keep our salad dressings year round. Sugarbush Salad Dressings are very versatile, we have used them for more than green salads. All of us at Sugarbush Farm have tried these dressings in pasta and...

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  • Sugarbush Farm Pickled Garlic

    Sugarbush Farm Pickled Garlic

    Tangy full flavored pickled garlic cloves. Pickled garlic is strong, but milder than a fresh clove of garlic. A pleasing aroma to any cheese table no matter the time of year.  Plus they are also a great way to reduce your cholesterol! 16oz jar.

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