• Sugarbush Farm Pickled Garlic

    Sugarbush Farm Pickled Garlic

    Whole cloves with a great crunch!  A bit less intense than raw garlic and you don't have to peel it.  Eat straight out of the jar, cut up in smaller pieces for salads, pizzas and recipes that call for fresh garlic.  Garlic has been...

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  • Sweet Bourbon Glaze

    Sweet Bourbon Glaze

    Sweet Bourbon Glaze is the most popular item in our farm store.  So many uses including steak tips, ribs, salmon, hamburgers, pork, vegetables like brussel sprouts and broccoli or an oriental salad.  12oz bottle.

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  • Sugarbush Farm Salad Dressing

    Sugarbush Farm Salad Dressing

    Summertime flavors year round. We have many requests to keep our salad dressings year round. Sugarbush Salad Dressings are very versatile, we have used them for more than green salads. All of us at Sugarbush Farm have tried these dressings in pasta and...

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