Halladays Mixes

Halladay Harvest Barn of Vermont makes these flavorful herb packets and cheesecake mixes. The very same product we have sampled in our store for years available online.

All of these mixes and dips can be made as a low fat or no fat recipe.

  • Halladays Harvest Barn Cheesecake Mixes

    The easiest cheesecake you can make. The mixes are no-bake cheesecake mixes, but can also be made softer for creamy fruit dips. A creamy delight for every occasion or a light snack. Try adding this mix to your fruit smoothie blend. A few shakes and you...

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  • Halladays Harvest Barn Herb Dip Mixes

    A favorite at our farm store. Each package is a flavorful blend of herbs and seasonings to make the best dips. Just mix the herb packet with the desired ingredients. We have also tried them as seasonings on meat and fish, marinades and salad dressings...

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    Now: $3.95
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