Half Pound Cheese Combinations

Customer's most requested cheese bar size. Perfect for your personal eating and cooking. Since they keep for several months unopened and refrigerated you may order several different varieties and enjoy the farm's different ages and flavors.

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  • 4-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    4-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    The four half pound cheese bar pack is a great choice for those who want a variety of cheese flavors but not in large quantities. Perfect for hors d'oeuvres or a light cheese platter. After all, you cannot serve all of the cheese to your guests! Please...

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  • 6-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    6-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    Sugarbush's most popular cheese gift pack. These cheese bars make wonderful stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or to tuck in with some of your homemade goodies for that special neighbor. Please choose your favorite 6 half pound bars from the selection...

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  • 8-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    8-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    The eight half pound cheese bar pack is a great way to get a variety of cheese. Sometimes you would like more than one of a particular flavor, but do not want to sacrifice another flavor. This cheese box is also a great way to get some cheese for...

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  • 10-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    10-Half Pound Cheese Bars

    The ten half pound cheese bar pack can let the whole family get their favorites. A very versatile pack, a best buy for the half pound cheese bar selections. Please choose any combination of 10 half pound cheese bars from the selection below to create...

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