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Cheese Flavors

Original Naturally Smoked Cheese 
Truly naturally smoked in our farm smokehouse for three days with Hickory & Maple wood chips. A smooth cheese with old fashioned smoke flavor, no artificial smoke flavor added.       

Extra Aged Sharp Cheddar Cheese (3 year old)
A natural white cheddar aged 28-38 months. Full of flavor and consistent
character. Our best seller.  It's lactose free by the time it's aged three years.      

Aged and Selected Sharp Cheddar Cheese (1-1/2 year old)
Aged 18 months...a white cheddar with excellent flavor. Perfect for snacks or cooking.

Super Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (6 year old)
This Super Extra Sharp Cheddar is aged approximately six years! With this cheese we had to push the limits and keep it until it was more than perfect. Our commitment to this cheese goes without saying, but there is a $6.00 charge above the pack price per bar ordered.  **NOT AVAILABLE IN 4OZ**         

Vermont Sage Cheese
A mellow natural cheddar with flecks of the herb sage added during the cheese making process. Betsy's favorite. **NOT AVAILABLE IN 16OZ**

Mellow Cheddar Cheese
A smooth and creamy mellow Vermont cheddar aged approximately 6-10 months. It's very versatile. Excellent for both cooking and for cheese and crackers.         

Mountain Jack Cheese
A delightfully mild cheese that is the Vermont variation of Monterey Jack. Delicious melted or in salads.         

Mild Vermont Light Cheese
A natural cheese made from skim milk with a flavor similar to Jack. It contains half the fat and cholesterol of regular cheddar and it has 30% fewer calories.   

Mtn Bleu Cheese
A big hit with all bleu cheese lovers. It makes a wonderful addition to a salad and also spreads well on crackers.  **WHEN ORDERING 16OZ YOU'LL RECEIVE 2 6OZ BARS**

Aged Sharp Cheddar Cheese with Horseradish
A white cheddar with a pleasant horseradish flavor. A favorite among our visitors who have an appetite for bold cheddar with a kick.         

Jalapeño and Cayenne Pepper Cheddar Cheese
A mild cheddar cheese with lots of Jalapeño flavor and a kick of Cayenne.