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My service is an honor and thank you.  I wanted to let you know that I had a great day today.  I got to get a ride in a Blackhawk helicopter (that was a first for me) to a nearby smaller base to give a briefing and it went so much better than expected.  But the icing on the cake was that when I got back my package from Sugarbush Farm had arrived!  I guess it basically took 8 days which is pretty quick for this location.  Mail sometimes takes two weeks or longer.  The ice pack did it's job too, it was still pretty cool inside the box and the crackers all made it in tact.  All in all, a text book delivery!  Pass my thanks along to the entire crew for the good job they did!
Peter, APO

Thanks so much to everybody who helped me get a box of treats to my cousin.  She had some long tough days at the hospital while her husband had heart surgery.  I was treated with such kindness on the phone and one of your nice employees dropped off the treats at the hotel as a favor.  So nice of you all!
Lynn, VA

You are awesome!  It's Wednesday and I got my package today and I ordered it on Monday.  Even my teenager noted that it came quite quickly and she notices very little. Everything's great.  We'll be using the maple drops to keep coughs at bay during meetings and just eating them whenever because they're really good.  Thanks, again.  It's nice knowing I can order from you and expect the package to arrive in the same week. You have greatly exceeded my expectations!
Mary Lou

We were just there again this weekend.  I bought lots of terrific items for a bridal shower I am hosting.  I love the farm.  We were there during maple sugaring season and your son was awesome in giving us the explanation of how the equipment worked and the sugaring process.  You have a wonderful establishment.
Deb, MA

Thank you for the personalized response, I really appreciate it!  It's nice that a small company such as yours does these things'll earn my business again and I'll be sure to recommend your company.

My daughter married in Vermont 2 years ago and we had a large family gathering.  While we were all visiting from Arizona to Wisconsin, to Mississippi, we visited Sugarbush and were treated more like company than a customer.  We enjoyed lessons in cheese and maple syrup.  The children with us as well as adults, had a very good time.  Thank you.

We visited Sugarbush Farm in October and bought cheese and maple syrup.  We managed to transport them safely back to UK.  We opened the cheese as a treat on Christmas Eve and have just tried the maple syrup on some homemade American blueberry pancakes.  Yummy!  What delicious ways to celebrate Christmas and remember with fondness our trip to New England in the Fall!
R Smith, England

Thanks for such a speedy turn-around.  Guess your elves are up to their necks in orders.  So glad ours will be on the way so soon.  We had the most wonderful reactions to our surprise cheese gifts yesterday.  As a family, we had long ago decided to not exchange gifts among the the children only.  Well, they're in their 20s now with diverse locations, so the adults are at it again.  It's no surprise to us that they love your products. This order is for our daughter's birthday on Epiphany.  She loved the cheeses and we share a favorite in the Cheddar Horseradish!  Many thanks to you and your family.
S Anderson

I appreciate your quick response.  I tried a sampler while I was at the Gorge.  Hands-down the best sharp cheddar I have ever tried!  Me and my family have a bit of a sharp cheddar contest up here in Maine and I think I may have just found the blue ribbon.  FYI, it pairs perfectly with heady topper IPA!  Absolutely amazing!  Thanks for being awesome and keeping it local!
Jon, ME

I'm from Virginia but spent the last five days visiting family in Woodstock.  While there we toured Sugarbush Farm and enjoyed samples of your wonderful cheeses and a taste of the maple syrup!  Of course the cheese was exceptional and the syrup sinful but most of all the hospitality was extraordinary.  The gentleman who cut the little tastes of cheese was so friendly and the ladies sitting at the tables wrapping cheese were pleasant...looks like they enjoy the camaraderie of the workplace and the visitors (tourists) that drop in.  My suitcase was already overfilled so I had to wait until returning home to place an internet order.  Will be doing that without delay.
Carole, VA

My wife and I visited Sugarbush this past September and came away loaded down with just about every cheese flavor that was there and found them all superb!  The 8-year-old cheddar was simply the best old cheddar that we have ever had-an opinion firmly supported by all of the friends and family members with whom we shared it. You do an amazing job at Sugarbush and should be extremely proud of the results of your labor! Many, many thanks!

A special thanks for sending a taste of Vermont to clients and friends (and our family too!)  The thank yous are pouring in.  

Wow - that's some service you guys have!  Thanks for your incredibly prompt reply.  I will definitely continue buying your products because not only are they high in quality and delicious but your customer service is stellar.

Betsy, I want to thank you for making this project such a joy.  It is hard to find people who care today.  I don't expect any negatives from the we will be using you from now on.

Thank you all for sharing your families and your farm with us city and suburban folks!  After 15 years of visiting with you at the store, you are part of my extended family!
Dana, GA

I so vividly recall our experience at your Farm.  Just to think the many lives you have touched and provided your genuine hospitality, they too, most likely feel as we do, keep up the great work!

Although we will not be traveling to Vermont this year, we will order for Christmas.  Your comments on the farm, workers, family and animals give us a sense of being there, enjoying the beauty and bounty of New England farm life and sharing in what we know is VERY HARD WORK!
Wilsons, KA

Wow - that's some service you guys have!  Thanks for your incredibly prompt reply.  I will definitely continue buying your products because not only are they high in quality and delicious but your customer service is stellar.

You folks are the best.  We get up to the farm once a year and stock up!  We will continue to tell our friends and family about you.  Your customer service and products are fantastic!
Russell, MA

My boyfriend and I stopped by your farm on our way back to New York City and it proved to be the perfect way to end our first Vermont trip!  We were greeted at the door and you were more than happy to stop what you were doing to explain the cheese process and offer a detailed and delicious sampling.  I have never experienced hospitality quite like the kind at Sugarbush Farm!  You have gained two new lifelong customers and supporters.  
Cara, NY

Unbelievable we get a “personal” e-mail from you!  Your syrup is amazing!  The very best we have EVER had!  We just have to have more!
Brian, CA

While visiting your farm in September we were so taken with the “family affair” going on at your place and how “real” it seemed to us as a working farm.  We had some syrup shipped to my husband’s office; it was such a hit with the employees and their family members because many of them had never tasted true and pure maple syrup.  We are hooked and are new permanent customers of yours!
Joan, TX

You managed to get our order out safely and UPS brought it to our door only minutes ago.  You both deserve a vote of thanks.  We are most impressed with your diligence and professionalism.
Shirley, VA

Our super old cheese arrived safely today and we cut into it this evening.  It’s delicious!  We let it melt in our mouths, oh yum!  Thank you so much for making it so divine!  It’ll be enjoyed to the last tasty morsel.
Sharon, CA

How lovely to get a personal note from you!  As my family gathers for Thanksgiving, I appreciate your part in the good things that have become tradition to us.  My grandchildren can hardly wait for the pancakes and maple syrup I ordered.
Vivian, NC

We LOVE your cheeses, especially the extra sharp cheddar.  My 7 year old has become picky and only wants that now!!  While in VT we brought some cheese and syrup back with us, everyone loved it, I just had to buy more.
Jennifer, PA

On my most recent trip I purchased three pounds of your 8 year Cheddar.  I must say that I am very sorry that I did not buy all that you had!  One of the most aromatic, acidic, flavor-full, full bodied Sharp Cheddar I have purchased.  Outstanding job, outstanding cheese!  Thank you for truly bringing home the essence of fine cheddar cheese.
Gilbert, NH

Betsy, my sister and I loved the stories you and your son, Jeff, told describing your farm and family business.  It’s a lot of hard work in a very beautiful countryside and so different from anything we see in Arizona!  You’re a wonderful “advertisement” for the State of Vermont.
Sheryl, AZ

My parents as newlyweds discovered your farm many years ago. Your cheese has always been a part of our family tradition, as they ordered from you every Christmas. My mother still remembers meeting Betsy and Larry. She sends her best. Thank you for the wonderful memories.
Mary, MO

My wife and I enjoyed our visit to your farm last year. We especially enjoyed the peaceful walk in the woods to see the real maple trees and the view of the chapel.  All our clients & corporate friends were very pleased with the gift packs we sent to them for the holidays.
Joan, Ca