Summer in Vermont

News at the Farm

It's summer in Vermont!

Welcome to Sugarbush Farm.  We invite you to come visit the farm, meet our family and enjoy some beautiful Vermont hills and valleys.  Woodstock is a lovely village named as one of the five prettiest towns in the country.  There are lots of other activities locally so it's a great place to spend your vacation.

We enjoy giving samples to folks from all over the world who venture up our beautiful rural road.  With free samples of 15 varieties of cheese, 4 grades of maple syrup and an entire table filled with Vermont jams and mustards, everyone can appreciate all the great flavors of Vermont.


Our farm store and tasting room are open every day from 9-5.  The maple sugar house exhibits and video allow folks to learn how maple syrup is made in the Spring and the maple walk takes you to see how the trees are tapped both with buckets and plastic tubing.  If you visit during the week you will be able to visit our packing room to see how we hand dip the cheese in wax to make it safe for carrying back home.


Kids of all ages enjoy our farm animals.  We have horses, chickens, goats and a rabbit to see up close and personal.

The cattle are in the pasture during the summer and we have had about 30 baby calves born since Spring.  It's fun to see them romp around the field. 

We are busy making 3 cuttings of hay which is dried and baled for winter feed.  Instead of small bales of hay we have gone to mostly huge 800 pound round ones which are moved around with a tractor.  This sure saves lots of heavy work of loading 45 pound bales by hand into wagons and then into the barn! outdoors-june-2009-0101.jpg

If you can't make it to the farm this summer you can order our cheese, maple syrup and pantry goodies from our web site.  Or call us at 800-281-1757 and we can ship goodies to your home or business.

Happy Summer,