Maple Drops

Melt in your mouth flavored drops. Perfect for the candy dish, keeping children happy, the persistent cough or to sprinkle around in a gift basket. Each drop is individually wrapped, a perfect addition to wedding favors or to take as a treat to meetings.

  • 5oz bag of Maple Drops

    5oz bag of Maple Drops

    A perfect candy for those of you that like hard candy and the maple flavors of Vermont. This bag of maple drops contains about 23 round hard maple candies. Each drop is individually wrapped.  Made with real maple syrup, glucose & sucrose. ...

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  • Maple Leaf Drop

    Maple Leaf Drop

    The very sweetness of maple syrup in this perfect sized drop in the shape of a maple leaf. Each are individually wrapped and available by the piece.  Made with real maple syrup, glucose and sucrose.  Product of Canada.

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