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Winter in Vermont

News at the Farm

Winter in Vermont

Welcome to Sugarbush Farm, the winter months are busy here at the farm both in the mail order department inside the farmhouse and outside with winter chores.


 The cheese ladies are busy cutting and waxing cheese to put in the thousands of gift boxes we make so beautifully and ship out.  UPS manages to get up our steep hill each day to pick up the packages.



We usually get some snow in November and the snow most always stays on the ground by mid December.  Most years we get between 70 and 120 inches of snow.  January and March usually bring the most snow storms but our town road crew is good about keeping us plowed out.  We hope most of the snow has melted by early April but then we get our mud season when the gravel roads turn to deep ruts and mud that discourage all but the bravest traveler.

Any spare time for Ralph is either spent cutting fire wood for next year, working on new sugaring lines for the coming year or helping out in the farmhouse with canning syrup and making gift boxes.  Since we are open 7 days a week all year long, when things get a bit quieter in January and February each of us hopes to find a week to rest up before preparation for maple sugar making starting in mid February.

We welcome visitors all year long, but during the winter we suggest you have good snow tires and call ahead if it's stormy to check on road conditions.  If you can't make it to the farm, we of course will be glad to ship cheese and maple syrup to you.