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Autumn in Vermont

News at the Farm

Welcome to Sugarbush Farm at the time we think is the prettiest of the year.  The leaves start to turn in mid September.  By early October, the leaves are peak color and the hillsides are vibrant with color. It is just amazing to see the colors change from day to day as we look across the hills.

Many folks wonder why the leaves change into such beautiful colors in Vermont. This mixture of reds, purples, oranges and yellows are the result of a chemical process that takes place as the seasons change from summer to winter.  Leaves are little factories where the food for the tree is made during the summer.  The chlorophyll, which gives the leaf its green color, absorbs sunlight which is transformed into sugar and starch. 


As Fall approaches the hours of daylight are reduced and temperatures go down, so the tree stops making food.  Since there is no more chlorophyll in the leaf, the range of our beautiful Fall foliage shows itself. These colors were in the leaf all along but were masked by the green.  We have more brilliant colors than some other states because we have more hardwood trees, especially maples which turn bright orange and red.

There is not too much time to waste though.  We have to harvest our corn crop that is cattle feed for the Winter.  We stock pile this corn into silage and all the hay we have baled for our over 50 head of cattle for the long winter ahead.  We are busy finishing the firewood needed to heat our homes.  We also need to fill the firewood orders for our neighbors. With fuel prices continuing to rise, Vermont firewood seems to be a good deal.  All through the Fall we will be filling our sugarhouse with wood to get ready for the upcoming maple sugaring season.